Parch Coffee was born from drinking copious cups of underwhelming coffee working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, it led us to question what makes a good cup? Our goal is to get the best beans to the best people and make sure they know what to do with them.

We are a micro coffee company that collaborates closely with our grandmaster roaster in West Yorkshire - Leeds. We keep it simple by creating the best possible coffee experience for the coffee enthusiast. We carefully curate the best seasonal speciality coffee from around the world and only offer whole beans as the freshest way to purchase coffee.

Our focus on lighter roasting profiles means that it is perfectly suited for home filter brewing because our single origin beans best represents the natural characteristics of the origin it came from allowing you to master the perfect filter brew without some of the distractions. 

Our small-batch process means we get to keep things interesting with experimental blends and single-origin gems, while always keeping the classics on year-round.